Lab-Scale Electrospinning Machine (Electroris®)

Electroris® is a lab-scale electrospinning machine to prepare polymeric/carbon/ceramic nanofibers with diameter range of 50 nm to a few microns. The machine mainly consists of metallic body, syringe pump, spinneret system, collector system and high voltage power supply. Two different types of Electroris® are available: Standard and dual pump model (Side by Side Electroris®).
This machine employs a panel for controlling electrospinning parameters including injection rate of polymeric solution, electrospinning distance, rotating speed of collector drum, working temperature (room temperature to 45°C) and working time. Electroris® provides excellent safety schemes for the users with respect to the handling of high voltage power supply and chemical solvents.


Main Features
Advanced safety features
Reliable performance
Modular design
4.3” touch screen HMI panel for controlling process parameters
Emergency button to stop machine in any unexpected situation
Easy use and maintenance
Dual syringe pump model is available
Core-shell nanofibers can be produced by coaxial nozzle

Chassis: Metallic body with 3 doors for easy access
Input power: 100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz
Ventilation: A programmable fan adjustable by HMI panel
Heating system: Adjustable from room temperature up to 45°C via HMI panel
Heater: 1000W, 4A
Safety: Voltage cut-off in case of door opening, grounding problem, or process disruption
Dimensions (L×W×H): 88 cm × 76 cm × 87 cm (Package: 90 cm × 95 cm × 100 cm)
Weight: 100 kg (Package: about 140 kg)

Number of syringes: 1 or 2
Configuration: Horizontal (No need for hose)
Scanning rate: 0-30 mm/s
Scanning range: 0-30 cm
Syringe pump injection rate: 10 µl/h to 500 ml/h
Usable syringe size: 1-25 mm (Inner Diameter)
Accessories (Optional): Co-axial nozzle with tubing

Type: Rotating drum (wire, cylinder, mandrel and disk collectors are optional)
Material: Stainless steel
Rotation speed: 350-3000 rpm
Spinning distance: 5-20 cm
    • Drum: 8(ø) cm × 30(L) cm
    • Plate (Optional): 25(L) cm × 20(W) cm
    • Wire (Optional): 8(ø) cm × 25(L) cm
    • Disk (Optional): Diameter: 19.8 cm
    • Mandrel (Optional): Length: 25 cm; Diameter: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm
    • Attachable to negative high voltage power supply up to -20 kV (Optional)

High voltage power supply
Model: HV35P OV
Max. output voltage: 35 kV
Power: 30 Watt
Voltage monitoring: Digital, Accuracy: 0.1 kV
Body: Durable metal casing

Type: PLC
HMI: 4.3” touch screen
    • Start and end position of the nozzle(s)
    • Injection rate of syringe pump
    • Electrospinning distance
    • Electrospinning time
    • ON/OFF timer for exhaust fan
    • Drum ON/OFF switch (RPM controller)
    • Temperature control
    • Alarm after desirable volume of injection and after finishing the solution in syringe (after the operation of syringe pump switch)



User Manual

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