Air Filter Media

High filtration efficiency
Low pressure drop

Oil Filter

Improving cold flow ability and optimum capacity of oil
High efficiency particle removal

Cabin Air Filter

Providing fresh air, safety and comfort for passengers
Improving dust holding capacity

Respiratory Face Mask

Cleaner breath
Easy breath

Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Prevent releasing of harmful particles
High efficiency pollutants removal

Window Screen

High protection against various pollutants
High transparency

Lithium-ion Battery Separator

Higher battery performance
More charge/discharge cycles

Beauty Face Mask

Dry sheet mask and fast absorption
Release more active substances per square centimeter

Anti-Bacterial Nanofibers

High protection against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria

Anti-Allergy Bedding

Anti-allergy Bedding

Our Service

1. Mutual industrial projects with industrial facilities

2. Mutual industrial projects with universities

5. Nanofiber coating services

6. Manufacturing electrospinning devices based on customer demands

7. After sales service/customer service for sold devices

8. Consultation and establishing production line of nanofiber-based products (Respiratory face mask, air filter, anti-allergy bedding, …)

Number of publications using FNM Co. products


Some of customers for our industrial machines:

4 Industrial Nanofiber production lines

Nanofiber Products: Power Plant filters, Car and truck filters


2 Industrial Nanofiber production lines

Zist Abzar Pajoohan is a respiratory face mask production company. 


1 Industrial Nanofiber production line

Nanofiber Products: Power Plant filters.


1 Pilot Nanofiber production lines

Nanofiber Products: Car and truck filters.


The nano tech is an international nanotechnology exhibition and conference that takes place annually at International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. The event highlights cutting-edge advances in nanotechnology and related products from the global market. The exhibition also promotes innovations in green technologies and displays cutting-edge manufacturing that contributes to reduce environmental impact and to enable the use of renewable energy sources. Within nano tech the nano tech award ceremony is held. (

CHInano is the premier and the largest annual event in nanotech industry in China. CHInano Conference & Expo consists of four major parts including the summit, technology (workshops), exhibition and investment. It is focused on fields such as micro nano manufacturing, energy & clean technology, nano-biological technology and new nano-materials, etc. and aims to build an international platform for nanotech related exchanges and cooperation. (

NANO KOREA, the only Korean exhibition specializing in the research, development and commercialization of nanotechnology, is one of the Top 3 international nanotechnology convergence events. It also serves as an arena for international exchange to lead future nanotechnology-based convergence drives, with five other exhibitions in high-tech fields (micro/nano systems, laser technology, advanced ceramics, adhesive, coating, film and smart sensors) held concurrently. Participate in Nano Korea to experience the synergic effects of technology convergence yourself. (

Iran Nano is Iran's leading exhibition and festival for nanotechnology. Contributing to the commercialization of nanotechnology is the mission of Iran Nano. Discovering research and industrial potentials in the field of nanotechnology and introducing them to the market, fostering research-industry linkages and collaborations in the field of nanotechnology, providing nanotechnology companies with the opportunity to participate in international markets and raising public knowledge on nanotechnology are Iran Nano main goals. All local and international institutions, laboratories, incubators, companies, VC’S are invited to present their Technological achievements, Nano products and Laboratory equipment. (

The 1st National Laboratory Equipment & Chemical Exhibition was organized by vice-presidency for science and technology of I.R. Iran presidency in May 2013, to support domestic laboratory equipment and chemicals manufacturing, encourage universities and research centers to purchase national productions, also to decline domestic laboratories’ dependency to the imported equipment and materials. The Iran Lab Expo is the prime show in the field of laboratory equipment and laboratory materials and includes more than 350 companies in the different field of laboratory equipment production. (

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