Certificates & Awards


• ISO 9001:2015; ISO 10002:2014; ISO 14001:2015; BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and CE
• VTT, DMT approved air filtration tests
• Nano scale certificates from INIC (Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council)
• Ranked 8th in International Nanotechnology Festival-Tehran (2009).
• Award for research project at the Festival of Science to Practice (December 2010)
• Third laureate R&D 25th Khwarazmi international Award, 5th Feb 2012 Tehran, Iran.
• Academy of science award in developing countries (TWAS); UNESCO, 2012
• Second rank in Technology at 6th National Nano-Awards Festival, October, 2011, Tehran, Iran.
• First laureate nano products award at 11th National Nano-Awards Festival, October, 2016, Tehran, Iran.
• Award for high tech export at 12th National Nano-Awards Festival, October, 2017, Tehran, Iran.
• Award for high tech export at 13th National Nano-Awards Festival, November, 2018, Tehran, Iran.