Electrospinning Accessories

Rotating Drum Collector
In electrospinning, rotating collector is used to produce a uniform nanofibrous mat. This collection module consists of the rotating drum with a rotation speed control and display unit. Using this type of collector, randomly oriented nanofibers are deposited onto the surface of the drum.


Disk Collector
Using this collector, nanofibrous threads or highly aligned nanofibers could be formed. Furthermore, the effect of linear speed on the fiber formation could be studied.


Rotating Wire Collector
The rotating wire collector is used to produce highly aligned nanofibers. It is composed of thin stainless-steel wires arranged at the same distance from the axis of the rotation. When the collector is rotating at very low speeds, fibers are also deposited between the conductive wires. The principle for the formation of aligned fibers is the same as in the case of the static patterned collector. At higher speeds, electrostatic and mechanical forces are combined, increasing the degree of alignment of the individual fibers. To achieve very good fiber alignment, the collector speeds could be much lower than those of the rotating drum collector.



Mandrel Collectors
Mandrel collector is a device to make tubular nanofibrous samples. The mandrel collector contains a stage, controller and a set of interchangeable mandrel collectors. The rotating mandrel collector could be used either as a stand-alone collector or could be integrated into lab-scale electrospinning machine. Six mandrels with the diameters of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm are included in this product.


Wet Collector
Wet collector is designed for electrospinning of polymers which could not be dissolved in normal solvents. A typical example of these types of collectors is cellulose. Common solvent for cellulose is liquid crystals which do not evaporate during jet traveling. So instead of evaporation, coagulation mechanism is used to produce nanofibers from the electrospinning jet. For this purpose, a solution bath is used with the rotating drum to solidify the jet and get the final fibers.


Collector type Drum Collector Disk Collector Wet Collector Wire Collector Mandrel Collector
Application Producing uniform nanofibrous mat Producing parallel (aligned) fibers/fibrous threads Wet electrospinning of polymers such as cellulose Producing parallel (aligned) fibers Producing nanofibrous tubular structures (artificial vessel, etc.)
Input power 100-240VAC; 50-60 Hz
Rotation speed Up to 3000 rpm Up to 3000 rpm Up to 50 rpm Up to 2500 rpm Up to 2500 rpm
Length of collector 30 cm N/A 16 cm 25 cm 20 cm
Collector diameter 8 cm 19.8 cm 10 cm 8 cm 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm
Speed control 10-turn potentiometer
Display 2 ×16 character LCD


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