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Nano oil filters

Oil nanofilters has efficient more than the ordinary cellulose filters. Durable of Nfo oil filters at least 50 percent more than is cellulose filters.

Oil filters feature:
1 - performance: performance of our oil filters is above 90 percent while the performance of conventional filters between is 40 to 80 percent.
2 - Reducing Resistance: Nanofibers in the filter absorbs more pollution and show less resistance. Less resistant filter reduces engine wear is.


3 - Capacity: contaminants capacity filter in the absorption rate during the filter are being efficient. Fnm oil filters much more efficient than conventional cellulose filter.

Oil filters applications:
Fnm oil filters are used in a variety of light and heavy vehicles.


Description: This product will be presented after obtaining necessary standards and permits.

The company is ready to cooperate with Filter companies.


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