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Researchers from 11 Countries to Participate in 1st Iran Nano Forum 2012

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Secretariat of Iran Nano Forum 2012 (INF2012) announced that over 20 Iranian and foreign researchers from 11 other countries would participate as keynote speakers in the Forum.

Therefore, keynote speakers from the UK, South Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, Finland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Iran will definitely participate in the Iran Nano Forum.

Prof. Saeed Sarkar, the Secretary-General of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Prof. Ali Beitollahi, the Director of the INIC international collaboration committee, will deliver lectures as keynote speakers in Iran Nano Forum 2012 as well as Tim Harper, the CEO of Scientifica Org from England and Dr. Mostafa Analoui, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at The Livingston Group (New York).

Among the Iranian keynote speakers who will participate in the Forum, mention can be made of Prof. Mahmoud Reza Jaafari, the CEO of Exir Nano Sina Company, Prof. Reza Baqeri, member of the Managerial Board of Parsa Polymer Sharif Company, and DR. Reza Faridi Majidi, the Directing Manager of Fanavaran Nano-Meghyas Ltd.

In addition to the Iranian lecturers, other speakers will deliver lectures about the scopes of the Forum, including Prof. Teruo Kishi from Japan, Dr. Sang-il Park, Dr. Sang-Hee Suh, Prof. Soon Hyung Hong, and Prof. Hanjo Lim from South Korea, Henne van Heeren from the Netherlands, Rober Haak from Singapore, Prof. Jose Maria Pitarke from Spain, Dr. Steffi Friedrichs from England, Patric R Salomon from Germany, Prof. Mika Koskenvuori from Finland, Mr. Nicola Trevisan from Italy, and Mr. Steven Brown from the United States.

The INF2012 will be held concurrently with Iran Nano Festival from October 6 to 7, 2012, in Tehran International Permanent Fairground.


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