Dual-Pump Electrospinning Machine


Electroris® is a lab-scale electrospinning machine to prepare polymeric/carbon/ceramic nanofibers with diameter range of 50 nm to a few microns. The machine mainly consists of metallic body, syringe pump, spinneret system, collector system and high voltage power supply.

Two different types of Electroris are available: Standard and dual pump model (Side by Side Electroris).

In side by side Electrospinning system, there are two syringe pumps on both sides of the rotating collector drum, making the system to consist of 2 syringe pumps, 2 scan systems, 2 distance adjusters and 2 high voltage power supplies. Even though the production rate of dual pump model is two times higher compared to the standard one, this is not its main advantage. In these systems two different materials could be electrospun simultaneously. Furthermore, the system makes it possible to electrospin polymeric material from one side and additive materials, such as medications, from the opposite side, producing composite nanofibers containing desired components. Therefore, it is suitable for pharmaceutical, medicinal, biological, etc. applications.

This device employs a panel for controlling electrospinning parameters including injection rate of polymeric solution, electrospinning distance, rotating speed of collector drum, working temperature (room temperature to 45°C) and working time. Electroris® provides excellent safety schemes for the users with respect to the handling of high voltage power supply and chemical solvents.


 labscale electrospinning machine

Main Features

  • Advanced safety features

  • Reliable performance

  • Modular design

  • Bright display and easy-to-use interface

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Easy use and maintenance

  • Dual syringe pump model is available




Metallic body with 3 doors for easy access

Input power

100-240VAC/50-60 Hz


Motorized fan to remove solvent from the chamber

Heating system

Room temperature up to 45°C


1000W, 4A


Voltage cut-off in case of door opening, grounding problem, or process disruption



DS:131 × 80 × 96 cm


ES: ≈100 Kg



No. of attachable needles

1 or 2


Horizontal (No need for hose)

Scanning rate

0-30 mm/s

Scanning range

0-30 cm

Syringe pump injection rate

10 µl/h to 500 ml/h

Usable syringe size

1-25 mm (ID)

Operation mode

Constant flow rate and maximum volume disperse

Accessories (optional)

Co-axial nozzle with tubing

For the DS model, two syringe pumps are installed




Rotating drum


Stainless steel

Rotation speed

0-3000 rpm

Spinning distance

5-20 cm


Drum:8(ř) × 30(L) cm

Plate: 25(L) × 20(W) cm

Optional collectors

Wire, Cylinder, Mandrel and Disk collector

Attachable to negative high voltage power supply up to -20 kV (optional)

High Voltage Power Supply



Max. output voltage

35 kV


30 Watt


Typically, 80% at full load

Voltage monitoring

Digital, Accuracy: 0.1 kV


Durable metal casing

For the DS model, two power supplies are installed




Operational system and panel:


Bright Display and Easy-To-Use Interface

  • A big four-line 20 character LCD display along with 20 membrane keys makes this a most attractive but powerful, easy-to-use system. Operational key for each line of LCD cause easy access to sub-systems of Electroris.

Nonvolatile Memory

  • The system remembers its last configuration settings.


  • Standard model: 70×70×60 cm


  • Standard model: 80 kg

Exhaust Fan:

  • Exhaust Fan at the back

  • Operating with on/off timer


  • Metallic body

  • 3 doors in 3 sides

Power requirements:

  • 200-240 V AC, 50/60Hz, single-phase, 5A


High voltage safety


Earth detector

  • Turn off HV while lock of proper earth

Safety switches

  • Safety switches in 3 doors.

System Check

  • Turn off HV when needed (for example: Injection completed)





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