Dip-Electrospinning unit (Electroris-Dip)

 Electroris-Dip is a polymeric/ceramic nanofibers producer machine in large scale. The conventional electrospinning devices often use a nozzle to produce nanofibers with a very low production rate and it is suitable for research. Despite of the enormous application potential, needle electrospun nanofibers meet difficulties in broad applications in practice, due to the lack of an economic and efficient way to scale up the electrospinning process. Dip electrospinning appeared as an alternative electrospinning technology with the aim of producing nanofibers on a large scale from a compact space.

Electroris-Dip can control the electrospinning parameters and conditions including electrospinner drum and collector rotating speed, working distance, rolling system including the direction and rate, working temperature (room temperature to 45C) and operation time. Electroris-Dip has sufficient safety for users with respect to the handling of a high voltage power supply and chemical solvents.





  • Various polymers and composites have the potential to be electrospun.

  • Different product specifications such as porosity, morphology, diameter, and ability to load beads can be obtained.

  • The process is easy and economical.

  • Different polymer types such as synthetic, biodegradable and natural polymers and/or polymer/composite may be processed.

Easy operations and convenient functions:

  • Electrospinning parameters can be programmed in full controllable ways via user-friendly panel.


  • PLC with HMI interface

  • easy-to-use

High voltage:

  • 0-35 kV DC, Positive Polarity, precise adjustable

  • 0-35 kV DC, Negative Polarity, precise adjustable

  • Digital Voltages Monitoring


  • Stainless steel drum

  • Changeable (Cylinder, Disk and wire)

  • Length: 20, 50 and 100 cm related to the model

  • Diameter: 6 cm

  • Rotating speed: 2-10 rpm


  • Stainless steel

  • Movable (up and down)

  • Working distance: 5-20 cm

  • Rotating speed: 50 RPM

  • Diameter: 8, 16 and 32 cm

Heating system:

  • Room temperature to 45C

Rolling system (NL30R model)

  • Two speed controllable motors

  • Suitable to gather flexible substrates like filter, fabrics or paper

  • Speed controlling from 0 to 150 m/h

Nonvolatile Memory

  • The system remembers its last configuration settings.


  • Controlled by the On / Off Timer


  • Metallic Enclosure, with Ventilation fan

  • With 3 doors on 3 sides

Power requirements:

  • 200-240 V AC; 50/60Hz; single-phase;

  • Current: 5, 9 and 12A (NL20, NL50 and NL100)

High voltage safety control

Earth detector

  • Turn off HV while lock of proper earth

Safety switches

  • Safety switches in 3 doors.







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