Cartridge Electrospinning Machine


Electroris-CEM has been designed and manufactured for the production of nanofibers in large quantities. In this machine, a cartridge is used to feed the spinning wires. The polymer solution is poured into the cartridge reservoir, the scanning system moves cartridge and feeds the wires with polymer solution uniformly. By applying a high voltage to spinning wires, hundreds of nanofiber jets accelerate from the surface of wires to the collector which is connected to high voltage with the negative charge, in the end, a layer of nanofiber formed on the collector.

Electroris-CEM can control the electrospinning parameters and conditions including electrospinner drum and collector rotating speed, working distance, feeding rate, working temperature (room temperature to 45C) and operation time. Electroris-CEM has sufficient safety for users with respect to the handling of a high voltage power supply and chemical solvents.


Mean Features:


  • Different specifications of nanofibers such as porosity, morphology, diameter, and ability to load beads can be controlled.

  • The possibility of producing nanofibers with high production rate.

  • The process is easy and economical.

  • Many different polymers such as synthetic, biodegradable and natural polymers and/or polymer/composite may be processed

Easy operations and convenient functions:

  • Electrospinning parameters can be programmed in full controllable ways by panel buttons.

  • A big four-line 20 character LCD display along with 20 membrane keys makes this a most attractive but powerful, easy-to-use system. The operational key for each line of LCD causes easy access to sub-systems of Electroris-CEM.

Nonvolatile Memory

  • The system remembers its last configuration settings.

Power requirements:

  • 200-240 V AC, 50/60Hz, single-phase, 5A

Feeder system:

  • Cartridge system with uniform feeding to spinning wires

  • Wire spinneret

  • Length of spinning wires: 300 mm

  • Cartridge reservoir volume: 40 to 200 ml

  • Comfortable connection of High voltage and wires

  • Ease of removal of the feeding system for washing

  • The ability to change feeding rate

Nanofibers diameter:

  • 60-500nm


  • Stainless steel

  • Movable (up and down)

  • Working distance: 6-17 cm

  • Rotating speed: 0-500 RPM

  • Diameter: 16 cm

  • Length :30 cm

 Operational system and panel:

  • Automated control system

  • Positive and negative high voltage applied to the wires and collectors

  • Indicate the humidity of inside the chamber(optional)

  • Ability to see inside the device via the screen(optional)

  • High voltage control systems

High voltage:

  • 0-35 kV DC, Positive Polarity, precise adjustable

  • 0-35 kV DC, Negative Polarity, precise adjustable

  • Digital Voltages Monitoring, precision 0.1 kV

  • Digital display of  consumption current, precision 0.1mA


  • Metallic body

  • 3 doors in 3 sides

  • Weight: Almost 80 kg

  • Dimensions : 75*75*80 cm


 Ventilation, humidity, and temperature adjustment system:

Heating system:

  • room temperature to 45C

  • A chamber humidity control system (optional)

Exhaust Fan:

  • In order to take out the solvent vapors

  • Operating with on/off  timer


  • 3 safety switch embedded in doors in order to disconnect the High voltage when a user opens the doors

  • Led display indicator for opened doors

  • Lack of earth connection indicator

  • Capacitor high voltage discharge in a few seconds after system shutdown

  • Ventilator for toxic vapors  evacuation





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